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About The Maitri Project

We never met a performer who could say that they have enough of an audience and are not interested in reaching out to a new community

One day into the lockdown, we stood motionless, wondering how the artist would even reach its old and gold audience, let apart the new and untapped. We also noticed that the common man was channelising his anxiety with music, poetry, films and the internet. Everyone was turning pages, as if looking for something that can help. We all were lost and distanced from the normal

Some stats on The Maitri Project

Total reach 1,964,894
Total views 1,450,775
Page recall lift rate 8% +
Viewing Minutes 123,704

Singer Sanah Moidutty take on The Maitri Project

A 45-minutes prime time digital show for independent artists' to connect with the new and rich 50K+ audience of Match My [Talent]

Designed to keep discovering the ‘new’, be it a performing artist or the audience, Match My [Talent] has been reaching several studios, garages, green rooms and writing desks through the Maitri Project since March 2020

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Indian Heritage has much to offer in terms of History, Art & Music. An event that celebrated the rich musical heritage of India, Alakh was an enigmatic affair for its audiences. A throwback to this Hindustani Classical Music concert through its exuberant artists!


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