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We never met a performer who could say that they have enough of an audience and are not interested in reaching out to a new community

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One day into the lockdown, we stood motionless, wondering how the artist would even reach its old and gold audience, let apart the new and untapped. We also noticed that the common man was channelising his anxiety with music, poetry, films and the internet. Everyone was turning pages, as if looking for something that can help. We all were lost and distanced from the normal

Singer Sanah Moidutty take on The Maitri Project

A 45-minutes prime time digital show for independent artists' to connect with the new and rich 50K+ audience of Match My [Talent]

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Designed to keep discovering the ‘new’, be it a performing artist or the audience, Match My [Talent] has been reaching several studios, garages, green rooms and writing desks through the Maitri Project since March 2020

The Journey Within

Rising together reaching new masses and touching newer milestones, we've built the most authentic network of performing artists with 55+

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shows, 115+ artists reaching out to 20 lakh + people Join us in this mission to connect brands and missions to its audience via ART.

Maitri the 50th Show

From contacting different artists creating from home to solving the mysteries of one streaming platform to the other, we have come a long way

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with The Maitri Project.Why? Because artists needed a stage and an audience, and the audience wanted quality and effortless entertainment while at home. 7 months and 50 shows hence, we are still going forward cultivating a 'Maitri' or 'Friendship' between the artists and the audience and spread some happiness through the best of our efforts. This is just a beginning though. Thank you to all who supported us and the artists in turn. Your constant support keeps us motivated.

Some stats on The Maitri Project

Total reach 1,964,894
Total views 1,450,775
Page recall lift rate 8% +
Viewing Minutes 123,704

Upcoming Show

The Maitri Project with
Rajat Prasanna

Rajat Prasanna is a Hindustani Classical Flautist of the Benaras Gharana. Belonging to an illustrious lineage of music, as the grandson of the flute maestro Pandit Raghunath Prasanna, he started learning music at the age of 6 from his grandfather and father, Shri Ravi Shankar Prasanna. Rajat is an A graded artist from Doordarshan/All India Radio and also a recipient of the prestigious CCRT Scholarship for Young Artists.

After touring extensively as part of Festivals of India Abroad and the ICCR – presenting concerts in Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Egypt, France, South Africa, Mauritius and the Reunion Islands, numerous collaborations with both national and international artists, lecture-demonstrations, workshops and prestigious awards, Rajat Prasanna joins us on The Maitri Project for a Flute Recital, blending innovation and tradition in this Indian Classical Music performance.

Watch the latest upcoming episode of The Maitri Project for an unforgettable performance by Classical Flautist, Rajat Prasanna.

23 October, 2021
Sharp At 7pm

Previous Show

The Maitri Project with
Desi Quarter

Strong Vocals, Serene Guitars, Groovy beats! Desi Quarter is an Award-Winning perfect blend of Bollywood, Sufi & Indie music with a tinge of Videsi Tadka that will keep you craving for more..


23 October 2021
Rajat Prasanna Flautist, Indian Classical Music

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Indian Heritage has much to offer in terms of History, Art & Music. An event that celebrated the rich musical heritage of India, Alakh was an enigmatic affair for its audiences. A throwback to this Hindustani Classical Music concert through its exuberant artists!

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Checklist for VLOG on

- 1 mobile camera / DSLR or a GoPro

- 1 microphone to record audio (condenser mics preferably)

- Film "a day in your life" with elements from your professional and personal moments that, when composed together with a voice over, would give the viewers an insight on you that they may not really have earlier. If you use any song or music in the background, please ensure that it is your original or you have the rights for it, as they may result in copyright issues on the video and ultimately our channel. As music will be a part of your day, a separate good quality recording of the audio track will be required (to be mixed with your performance by our in-house video editor)

- A 30 minutes virtual / telephonic interview might be required to write the blog part of the VLOG. This would be informed soon after the performance.

- The release date of your vlog would be shared with you soon after your presence on maitri is confirmed. The footage should reach us a week before the release date of your vlog.


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