Apurv Jain

  • Male
  • 34 years
  • New Delhi, Delhi

Apurv Jain

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Native Location

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

Living Location

New Delhi, Delhi

Preferred location to work

New Delhi(Delhi), Mumbai(Maharashtra), Gurugram(Haryana), Noida(Assam)

Language known

English, Hindi

About me

I am a vocalist having recieved intensive training of Hindustani classical from gandharv mahavidyalaya. Apart from indian classical i also sing semi classical, light music manly bollywood and devotional music. I am a lyricist and poet. I like to compose and have recorded quite few of my own original compositions. I also play little bit of Tabla as well. Apart from being a musician, i am also a MBA graduate, having worked for 3 - 4 years before persuing my career in Music.
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Apurv Jain

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