Ayaz khan

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  • 28 years
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra

Ayaz khan

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Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India


Mumbai, Maharashtra

Preferred location to work

Mumbai(Maharashtra), Lucknow(Uttar Pradesh), Delhi(Delhi), Allahabad(Uttar Pradesh)

Language known

English, Urdu, Hindi

Preferred countries to work in

Hollywood (Alabama) (United States)

About me

Hello everyone whoever seeing this profile, my self Ayaz Khan and i am a theatre actor worked with Asmita Theatre, and i worked with Zeemusic, pocket films & Dreamers Studio, & i really want to work with new people , explore new characters and experience as much as i can so if i fit for your character then do consider me in project it will a great experience. Thank you soo much
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Ayaz khan

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