Jhanak Nagar

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  • 26 years
  • New Delhi, Delhi

Jhanak Nagar

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Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India


New Delhi, Delhi

Preferred location to work

Delhi(Delhi), Ahmedabad(Gujarat), Mathura(Uttar Pradesh)

Language known

Gujarati, Hindi, English

Preferred countries to work in

United (Pennsylvania) (United States)

About me

Born in Mathura, Jhanak obtained her initial lessons in the classical vocal music from her father Shri T.R. Nagar who is a music teacher in DPS Mathura Refinery . Later Jhanak Strengthened her skills after coming to Delhi, she has done Graduation and Post-graduation in vocal music from D.U. Faculty of music. She has performed in various music concerts and competitions in the country and abroad, earning huge recognition at a very young age. She has won many competitions and won many awards. Few namely performed at SUBAH -E-BANARAS, HARIVLLABH SANGEET SAMAROH JALANDHAR, PERFORMED AT HAMSDHWANI YOUTH FESTIVAL IN LUCKNOW, BAWRA SANGEET SAMAROH JALANDHAR, SANGEET MILON SAMAROH DELHI, COLORS OF ART IN DELHI. PERFORMED INFRONT OF VICE PRESIDENT OF INDIA SHREE VENKAIAH NAIDU JI. PERFORMED AT SIRIFORT AUDITORIUM INFRONT OF CHIEF GUEST PADAMSHREE ANAND JI V.SHAH MUSIC DIRECTOR. STOOD FIRST IN SANGEET NATAK ACADEMY , LUCKNOW U.P IN KHAYAL GAYAN AND DONE MANY MORE.
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