Mohita Namjoshi

  • Female
  • 32 years
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra

Mohita Namjoshi

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Mumbai, Maharashtra

Preferred location to work

Pune(Maharashtra), Mumbai(Maharashtra)

Language known

Gujarati, Hindi, Japanese, Marathi, English

About me

I am an Indian Voice over artist. While my mother-tongue is Marathi, I am also a native Hindi speaker and am seasoned in polished Indian English Voice-overs. I have been specialising in all three languages for the past 8 years. I also take up General American and British (RP) accents for voice-over jobs requiring Indian ethnicity representation. My voice is perfect for training videos. I can relay the information packed in such videos in a conversational manner. My voice has a girl-next-door, global appeal which suits radio-spots of all kinds. My speciality lies in sincere sounding voice-overs from friendly and caring to confident and instructional. In character voicing, my voice is best suited for representing the age range of 20-40. My experience and competitive home studio set-up speedy deliveries and versatility in voice-over jobs. I have worked extensively on e-learning and TTS projects, radio spots, web commercials and video tutorials. I have also worked on some audiobook projects and voiced video game characters.
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