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Vinay bhaat

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Jaipur, Rajasthan, India


New Delhi, Delhi

Language known

English, Hindi

Preferred countries to work in

Parish (New York) (United States), American Falls (Idaho) (United States)

About me

Our story: Puppet Kala is Production Company based out of Kathputli Colony in Delhi. Kathputli colony is home to myriad artists who earn their living by keeping alive traditional art forms. As a part of Kathpurli Colony, we excel in different art forms such as a puppetry, dhol, fire dance, juggling, acrobatics, traditional Rajasthani songs, kalbeliya dance, horse dance and many others. Puppet Kala was created by Vinay Bhaat in a bid of protects and promotes the art of puppetry as well as to give a platform to the talented artist of the Kathputli Colony. Vinay Bhaat has trained under eminent national and international artists. He is associated with major puppet theatres in the country and performs modern and traditional effigy plays. HERE IS MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL: PUPPETKALA
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