Rajeev Sahir

  • Male
  • 27 years
  • Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Rajeev Sahir

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Native Location

Delhi, Delhi, India

Living Location

Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Language known

Punjabi, Hindi

About me

Hi! This is Rajeev and I love to sing and recite poetry. I also perform with my band called Anhad. Anhad is a Sanskrit word, which in English means Sound of Universe, in simple language, anything that has no limits, it is Anhad. Anhad is the only band in India that consists of all visually Impaired Members. They mainly sing Bollywood music, Sufi music, Ghazals and Folk music. . Their first idea is Musical Storytelling, which gives prominence to two famous saints, “Kabir” and “Khusro” The second idea is of Music and Painting 'Anhad' comprises of Rajiv Sahir who is the lead singer for the band, Rajat plays keyboard, Deepak plays 'dholak', Dushyant plays the 'Drums' and 'Side rhythm', Jaikishan plays 'Tabla', Ajeet plays Guitar. Anhad started in 2018 as a reaction to an incident when Rajiv was turned away from the auditions of a Reality Show without even being heard. That is when Rajiv decided that he will make a band which will make its sound heard in the entire Universe, hence 'Anhad'. The philosophy that Rajiv brings with his 'Anhad' band is that the song/poetry isn't to be sung just for singing or entertainment but also for understanding the lyrics and feeling the song that touches your soul.
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Rajeev Sahir

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