Raunak Chandak

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  • Mumbai, Maharashtra

Raunak Chandak

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Nagpur, Maharashtra, India


Mumbai, Maharashtra

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English, Hindi

About me

Hi my name is Raunak. I am a very action oriented person and everything I do keeping one thing in my mind that is my happiness. I am a passionate actor and a qualified Chartered Accountant having served the profession for 10 years with varied personal and professional experiences before finally taking the leap of faith to pursue my passion I.e. acting. Have learned the skill from The Barry Johns Acting studio mumbai and Rangshila theatre mumbai and also done workshops with the drama theatre mumbai and online acting classes basic and advanced with Acting sutra ( Rishabh Mittal). Have done theatre plays like Remix Mughal e Azam, twisted tales in Nagpur and Mumbai. I am also a trekker and adventure freak and like to travel an read a lot. I play all kind of sports from Basketball, cricket, football, horse riding, skating and can do a some yoga and karate as well.
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