Ravi Sood

  • Male
  • 27 years
  • Mohali, Punjab

Ravi Sood

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Native Location

Chandigarh, Chandigarh, India

Living Location

Mohali, Punjab

Language known


About me

Ravi sood is a 25-year old singer, lyricist and composer from Chandigarh, Punjab, with a penchant for soulful music. He loves penning heartfelt lyrics and composing original songs inspired by his keen sense of observation. He has composed a song for the web series ‘Call Centre’, which is available on ‘Ullu Music’ the official YouTube music channel of the Indian OTT platform ‘Ullu’. He is an expert Cajon player and has impressed many a patron with his deft hands on the instrument at various clubs in his city. Ravi also likes to cover Bollywood songs, especially those of Himesh Reshammiya, who he considers his ideal. In fact, he is a master at impersonating Reshammiya’s signature singing style. From a young age, Ravi has been practicing his music, showcasing his talent in school and performing in various events and talent showcases. In fact, he even has performed on several occasions at the famous Ramada Inn in Zirakpur. Ravi is ready to embark on his journey as a full-fledged Bollywood Playback Singer soon, and has already marked it by creating his own Youtube channel ‘Soulness Music’.
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Ravi Sood

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