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  • Pune, Maharashtra

DJ Sandcastle

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Pune, Maharashtra, India


Pune, Maharashtra

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Hindi, English

About me

Amit Rajgadkar better know as Sandcastle, discovered a passion for mixing and DJing at only 16 years of age while living in Pune,India. The high school teenager who got an inspiration for electronic dance music just from a music video of 'Forbidden Voices'by Martin Garrix. As an 18-years-old, Amit made his way to S&A DJ Academy with some greater ambition than ever before where he received priceless DJing tutelage from one of the best artist, the Project91 himself, who trained Sandcastle in the art of DJing over the course of several one-on-one lessons. Honing and perfecting his skills over the months Sandcastle started to DJed at college festivals and some private and local club gigs. In 2019, he has won the war of DJ's of Pune's biggest college fest in Symbiosis.His creativity and diversity as an artist are shown through his production work with his tracks.. His dedication and passion towards his music kept him up. To become one the best DJ and perform all over the world is his biggest dream.
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