Aryan Saraswat

  • Male
  • 30 years
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra

Aryan Saraswat

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Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India


Mumbai, Maharashtra

Language known

English, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Haryanvi, Marwari, Hindi

Preferred countries to work in

New York (New York) (United States)

About me

Hello! My name is Aryan Saraswat and I am an upcoming full time actor. I have done my training from Barry John Acting Studio, Mumbai. I have recently worked in a feature film titled, The Last Drive (currently in post production phase). The character I had played was that of a Eunuch. Apart from this, I have been a part of some short films. I also have been doing theatrical plays and street plays since 2014. I love the process of creating characters and I love to read about various methods which can hone my acting skills. I have a keen interest in sports also. I have been a national player in Carrom, state level player in Badminton, Ball- Badminton & Football. As a professional, I started working in merchant navy but quit after a span of 5 years, for acting.
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Aryan Saraswat

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