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Sukumar Bandreddi

Sukumar was born in a remote village of Andra Pradesh, Mattaparru. He came from a trader's family where education was preferred over passion.
He is a mathematics graduate with a Master's degree. Soon after his graduation, he began working as a Physics and Mathematics lecturer in Aditya Junior College. A monotonous life soon caused fatigue, hampering his creativity, ultimately motivating him to venture out and find his passion in screenwriting. But this new passion posed a daunting challenge as being a student of science he needed to master channelizing his interests.
He began working on the script of his first film, ‘Arya’. Arya was commercially successful; it grossed ₹ 160 million on a budget of ₹ 40 million, blessing overnight stardom to Sukumar.
He held various accolades like the Telugu Filmfare Award For Best Director and the Best Screenplay Writer award. Soon after he started working on the film ‘Jagadam’ which did not fare well at the box office. During an interview, Sukumar revealed that he made Jagadam in a moment of bravado and innocence, and didn't really think about the audience's response.

Most critics say that Sukumar's protagonists are wired differently in terms of psychology, with a grey side.
To this Sukumar says, "We all have a lot of emotions and we suppress most of them fearing rejection. To achieve something, there must be a driving force and that could be jealousy which you term as negative"
The Tollywood director opines that one doesn't always have to be on top, but growing through each critical review is very important.

11 Jan,1970
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