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Surveen Chawla

Surveen Chawla, born on 1 August 1984, is an Indian film actress and dancer. Surveen had no plans to be an actress. Instead, she was interested in becoming a doctor and doing humanitarian work. But by the age of 19, having already landed on the screens, the course of life had been changed for Surveen.
In Mumbai, the heart of Bollywood, where all actors come and try their best, Chawla also did. The stars aligned, and she was employed within 4 days of her arrival.
She started from soap operas and reality shows and later on appeared in Punjabi song,'Mitran De Boot' in 2014. In the same year, she played the main lead in the erotic revenge thriller movie, ‘Hate Story 2’.
She has also appeared in movies like Ugly (2013), Parched (2015), and 24 (2016).
She has been a recipient of awards like the PTC Punjabi Film Award, PTC Punjabi Film Award, and Award for Best Actress.
Chawla has always been passionate about fashion and even launched her contemporary clothing brand called ‘Contemporary Dupatta’
She closely follows Rani Mukherji and considers her as her role model.

1 Aug,1984
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