Magician Kunal Newar

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  • Pune, Maharashtra

Magician Kunal Newar

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Guwahati, Assam, India


Pune, Maharashtra

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Hindi, Nepali, Assamese, English

About me

Give your guests a treat of a lifetime. Witness India's Best Mentalist in Action. Kunal presents incredible demonstrations of the Human Mind, Superhuman Mental abilities, Mind Reading, Power of Memory, Predictions added with a touch of Magic and Illusion. He is 'The Man who Knows'. Kunal's show is a completely interactive show which includes Mentalism, Mind Reading, Predictions, Magic, Mystery, Humor, Hypnosis and much more. ​The audience is actively involved throughout the entire performance and will feel like the stars of the show. Show your clients and employees how important they are to you and make your event one they'll never forget! Kunal Newar Show is perfect for Weddings, Corporates, Private Parties etc. Performance style are both Close up and Stage.
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