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Madhavi Ganpule

  • Female
  • 49 years
  • Thane, Maharashtra

Madhavi Ganpule

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Native Location

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Living Location

Thane, Maharashtra

Language known

Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit, Marathi

Valid Passport


About me

Unlike other voice artists who are passionate about acting, Madhavi’s love for voice production originated from her passion for Music. She has done almost all kinds of voice overs be it a theoretical informative or be it an entertaining comic or bubbly characters. Her voicing journey started largely with e Learning and Corporate voice overs and then IVRs, storytelling for kids, Audiobooks, TVCs, Radio spots, Radio shows, Medical or technical time sync VOs, and Radio Drama Characters. According to the character’s age, nature and role, she can easily modulate her voice within the range of 5 year’s old child to 80-year-old woman. She has also sung jingles and poems for many eLearning clients. She has been ably voicing in 4 Indian regional languages viz. Marathi, Hindi, Urdu and Sanskrit with a fine balance of diction and intonation of each of these. Marathi, being her mother tongue, she is brilliant in the range of Marathi voice overs. Along with Marathi, Sanskrit has always been a language studied since school days. Later with formal training, she has acquired proficiency to read and recite in Hindi and Urdu Languages too. She has been the top choice in Urdu Language VO across the globe with an additional ability to read Urdu Font. Lately she has recorded many health-related time sync Voiceovers in Urdu for her global clients. She is constantly available online for quick responses and is known for fast delivery with a no-nonsense approach. She has her own professional recording setup equipped with MAudio Fast Track Interface, Shure SM58 Microphone and Nuendo Ver 4. Besides she has tie ups with professional studios. She can deliver quick turnaround to Client’s voicing requirements. If necessary, she will record a custom sample before taking up the projects. Voice quality - Pleasant, Musical, Honest, Polite, Soft, Expressive with Clarity in Speech. She does Translations. The language pair for translation are given below English – Hindi, English – Marathi, English – Urdu, Hindi -Marathi and vice versa, Hindi - Urdu and vice versa, Urdu - Marathi, English - Japanese and English - Bengali She has been the founder member of an Indian multilingual Story telling Group called “Kathakathan”, which aims at reviving Indian Regional Languages through storytelling. Professional Training - Madhavi has been trained under the mentorship of renowned Indian broadcaster and voice artist Brij Bhushan Mehru aka Bade Brijji. Her initial training was taken from All India Radio’s Deepak Velankar and RJ Noel Keymer. She has learnt Omkar Sadhana from Dr. Govind Ketkar and she has been taking Indian Classical Music training from Shruti Gokhale and Bhagwan Sahajrao.
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