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To be responsible

To respect, people, culture and environment

Do the right thing


Practise inclusivity

Be the pioneer

Go for innovation



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The Context

We are born out of a vision of art lovers and an entertainment professional who understood the professional needs of artists and industry alike and are on a mission to make art and culture organized and democratic for people involved
A technology-backed, domain specific, transparent and agile ecosystem, mapping the country for a few years already and now the rest of the world too. We map to find the people, problems and possibilities and come back home to connect one to another


Complete & simultaneous focus on growth of each performing artist and genre

We don't just register users; we help performing artists craft their content…

Match My [Talent] is a sophisticated network system that gives direct access to every stakeholder of the industry, without compromising on privacy.

What We Do?

Artist Mapping

We reach out to all performing artists, across the board; be it Tier 1, tier 2, All around the globe, Experienced and Novice

Profile Setup

We provide guidance to every user in setting up the ideal profile, one which gives them that unmissable factor.


Our motto is on 100% digitization, which is a pathway to our ultimate goal; bring democracy to the process of accessing opportunities in the arts, culture and entertainment industry

Holistic Search

Post and leverage from projects in art, culture, media and entertainment that entail search and discovery of people not available in immediate networks or when many professionals with similar strengths are being looked for. This is a service only available with Match My Talent.

Community Access

Access to a larger business network for the artists exclusively / non exclusively managed by artist managers by being on the search engine that caters to search and discovery from national and international markets

Updation and Follow Through

Publish information about events to leverage a unique audience base or to access specific artists for a forthcoming event

We Cater To...

Performing Artists

Casting Directors

Event Managers

Media Professionals

Talent Executives



Sonia Swaroop

Sonia has spent the large part of her career being a film maker with a focus on non fiction.Her sensitivity towards the entertainers and producers comes from all those years of observation. She is a product creator at the core, with an award winning product under her belt already. She is a compulsive traveller, photographer, avid reader and loves hills and sufi music. Sonia eats, drinks, sleeps and drools over match my talent 24X7, inspite of all the odds...

Vish Daswani

The most mysterious team mate and the man of few words. Be it the problem, or the solution, Vish does break it up in as simple a form as it could ever be possible. Strategy and its approach is something that he has polished in his awesome entrepreneurial journey, he thinks marketing from a global perspective.He is a biker, a crazy fan of Kishore Kumar and the lover of the hills, who will create a simplified life for artists and clients.

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