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Pravesh Mallick

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New Delhi, Delhi, India


Mumbai, Maharashtra

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English, Hindi

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Pravesh Mallick , born on 1 July 1980, is a Bollywood composer, songwriter and playback singer of Nepali origin. After working as a stage performer and composing for non-film albums and songs he debuted as a film playback singer and composer in Prakash Jha's 2016 Hindi film Jai Gangaajal.[1][2] Maya Thagni is an uplifting and motivational track that features Priyanka Chopra is seen bashing goons who harass innocent villagers and break the law and is beautifully sung by Pravesh Mallick.[3] Mallick, a follower of Padma Shri Pandit Madhup Mudgal, is a lead singer and founder of Sufi rock fusion band ‘Sanidhya’. He has been working as a composer-singer and music teacher for the last 12 years.[4] Pravesh has also performed live in different parts of India and abroad, UK/US/Belgium.
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