Riya Mukherjee

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Riya Mukherjee

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New Delhi, Delhi, India


New Delhi, Delhi

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Bengali, French, Hindi, English

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Riya Mukherjee Profile I have got admission in Arizona State University at Phoenix, Arizona, USA completing my 12th from DPS R K Puram. I have participated and represented my school- DPS R.K.Puram on national level competitions like Nrityanjali-2018 & 2019 (DPS Inter-School) and have achieved the 3rd position, 2nd position and a special award for Best Rhythmic Movements & Synchronization. I have also participated in the Student Of The Year 2017 competition covered by APN News Channel presenting DPS. I have also participated in the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan on behalf of the Le Rythme School I have been very much into Dance, in learning new languages, traveling, singing, sketching, cooking, writing poems or songs and also into some social activities. • I have been in the field of classical dance-Kathak for nearly 14 years. Dancing gives me strength, happiness and helps me to recover from all the hardships. Apart from Kathak I am also into Western Dance styles like Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, etc. I am also into singing Hindi songs as well as English songs. • I have a huge love for travelling, it is my dream to visit every beautiful country of this world. I like to take notes of specific beautiful spots while travelling as they inspire me and act as a power back up whenever I feel tired making me realize that there is a long way to go and getting tired is not allowed. • Learning new languages is a great hobby. I am always keen to understand and speak other languages apart from my Mother Tongue- Bengali and my national language English & Hindi. I know how to speak basic French and Korean. As I love to travel, learning new languages and speaking them like a Native citizen gives me pleasure and fun. • In my free time or whenever I have a special incident in my mind I really like to write it down in my diary in the form of a poem or a song. They are mostly in English. • I also like pencil sketching. I mostly like to bring out my inner artist by drawing the present day situations, famous idols, nature, etc. • I got an offer to perform at NABC Las Vegas 2020 along with other renowned artists. Due to this pandemic the event got cancelled this year, but I have already received the confirmation letter for the next year i.e. 2021. • I have completed my 3rd Year in Vocal. Certified by Pracheen Kala Kendra, Chandigarh. • I have also performed in Kolkata Doordarshan with the support of my Dance & Music Academy- Rythme School Of Music, C.R. Park. • I have also been covered by print media. Youtube and Facebook post (3K viewers). My 2 major academic accomplishments were: a) I was awarded with a scholar badge for class 10th. I had worked hard to achieve it forgetting my ultimate passion for dance. I left dancing for 3-4 months so that I could focus on studies and score good marks in Boards as it has a lot of value. b) The other one was I participated in English Olympiad and got amazing ranks mostly above the average of city rank and school rank.
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