Ruby Thukral

  • Female
  • 56 years
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra

Ruby Thukral

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Mumbai, Maharashtra

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English, Hindi

About me

This is Ruby Thukral here I am 55yrs , I have done 2 short films , 3 stage shows 1. Laila 2. Meri Tara ( Kala Ghoda) 3. Sone ka Anda. 1 ad and film for Rio Tinto Australian diamonds.  1ad for Swiggy 1 ad for Candyman 1 ad Divine Solitaires 1ad Horlicks 1ad Google 1ad Dettol Acted for Balaji Web series Dev DD2. Acted in and tv episodic show Shaadi ke Siyape telecasted on 16th march 2019 Done a continuity show with Zee TV Dil yeh Ziddi hai. I am attaching a few pictures and my youtube link for your reference. In case you feel I fit into any ongoing projects please do contact me on 8779538314. Just so you know I am a linguist and I can speak a few languages fluently Punjabi (mother tongue) Hindi English Gujrati Marathi Learning Urdu as of now.
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