Recorded Virtual Sessions

19th August 2022
Beginners indulgence into NFTs with Keshav Sharma

Speaker: Keshav Sharma

Duration: 1:24:00

20th August 2022
Screenwriting & Direction with Kylie Hitchcock

Speaker: Kylie Hitchcock

Duration: 1:21:00

Being A Storyteller With Brooks Elms

Speaker: Brooks Elms

Duration: 1:51:15

21st August 2022
Introducing Characters and Settings with Priyanka Banerjee

Speaker: Priyanka Banerjee

Duration: 1:15:19

Creator Development in Web 3 Film making with Kimani Okearah

Speaker: Kimani Okearah

Duration: 1:59:28

22nd August 2022
Lighting for Cinema with Nandit Desai

Speaker: Nandit Desai

Duration: 2:05:52

Indie Filmmakers Do's and Dont's with Naima Kramer & Nia Bullocks

Speaker: Naima Kramer,Nia Bullock

Duration: 1:24:31

Simplifying Sound Designing with Franciszek Kozlowski

Speaker: Franciszek Kozlowski

Duration: 1:07:29

23rd August 2022
Directing with Puneet Sira

Speaker: Puneet Sira

Duration: 1:28:12

Discussing a Unique Film & its Unusual Approach with Blaise Grisson

Speaker: Blaise Grisson

Duration: 1:41:49

Producers' Guild and Serving Indian Content Producers

Speaker: Nitin Tej Ahuja

Duration: 50:18

24th August 2022
Overcoming Obstacles with Shanaya Tuli

Speaker: Shanaya Tuli

Duration: 1:15:14

There is a Market for Every Film with Raaj Rahhi

Speaker: Raaj Rahhi

Duration: 1:18:41

Using Natural Light Effectively with Husain Akbar

Speaker: Husain Akbar

Duration: 1:41:10

25th August 2022
Bringing Individuality in the Process of Animation Filmmaking with Varoon Indalkar

Speaker: Varoon Indalkar

Duration: 1:14:25

Handling Intimacy in Films : How I C it with Aastha Khanna

Speaker: Aastha Khanna

Duration: 1:37:26

26th August 2022
Sharing the Journey with Vishal Malhotra

Speaker: Vishal Malhotra

Duration: 1:33:49

Your Rights, Creators with Raddhika Singh

Speaker: Raddhika Singh

Duration: 1:29:39

Pitching with Adam Slesicki

Speaker: Adam u015alesicki

Duration: 1:52:15

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