Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I attend the Malhaar Film Festival?

    To attend the Malhaar Film Festival, you need to have at least one of the following. Either an NFT Ticket or Regular Ticket. To get your NFT Ticket, click on this link - To get your Regular Ticket, click on this link -

  • How do I buy a ticket for the Malhaar Film Festival?

    If you wish to buy a Malhaar Regular Ticket(a good old paper ticket), click on this link - If you wish to buy an NFT Ticket, click on this link -

  • What's a regular Ticket?

    A Malhaar Regular Ticket is just like any other ticket. You buy a regular ticket, and get entrance to the film festival. Just like a ticket you buy for a movie. Its benefits end as soon as the festival ends.

  • What are the benefits of buying a regular ticket?

    If you buy a Malhaar Regular Ticket, here’s what you get access to: 1) Films’ screenings
    2) Panel Discussions
    3) Masterclasses
    4) QnA with Featured Filmmakers
    5) Cultural performances
    6) Exclusive Discord Invite-only events
    7) Celebrity Talks

  • If I’m a shortlisted filmmaker, and i want to attend the film festival, does that mean I cannot buy a Regular ticket? I can only go the NFT route?

    Not at all! To enter the film festival, you can do both: Either buy a Malhaar Regular Ticketor claim your NFT Ticket. But just know that if you go the NFT way, not only will you get a free entry to the Malhaar Film Festival, but you will also become the owner of a Malhaar NFT.

NFTs and NFT Tickets

  • What if I do not want to buy/ register for nft? Will I be able to attend the event with all the same benefits of nft?

    We encourage every Malhaar participating filmmaker to go for the free NFT because it helps you learn and explore the web 3 / blockchain. Hence kept totally free, so that max focus is on finding out the merits. However it’s totally everyone’s choice. If you don’t want the NFT, you could go for the digital ticket for conference at 50% discount straight. Also, don’t ease up everyone only with the shortlist at the fest. We hope to push you all to practise talking about your film, the story that matters to you. Hence the two simple rules go towards the win. The winners get access to distribution network. The distribution will be both physical / theatrical and digital… as selected by distributor network. Once the film goes for distribution, it can get picked for acquisition or development or licensing etc. That’s Malhaar’s intent to support all our filmmakers in .. so choose the way that suits you but play full out. Use the unique codes shared with each of you to enrol people in entering the festival through your code. If you need ideas on how to win, talk to us directly! Write to us at

  • What's an NFT Ticket?

    An NFT Ticket is just like a regular Festival Ticket. It serves as your entry pass to the Malhaar Global Virtual Short Film Festival and grants you all the benefits listed on top. The difference is also that the NFT Ticket holds long term utilities versus traditional tickets that lose its value with the event.

  • What is an NFT actually?

    In simplest terms, an NFT is a digital art that holds a certain amount of value, and can be owned and collected by a person. Think of a digital drawing, or a GIF perhaps, that is one of a kind, and only you own it. You may not be able to hang it on a wall, but only you will have the original piece on your hard drive.

  • How do I buy an NFT?

    If you wish to know how to buy NFTs, click on this link -

  • Is buying NFT safe?

    Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have piqued the interest (and wallets) of consumers and businesses all over the world. This is due in great part to high-profile transactions, such as the $69 million digital artwork by Beeple sold at Christie's Auction House.NFTs are digital content bits that are kept on a blockchain, which is the same technology that underpins other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The distinction between NFTs and other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin is that NFTs are one-of-a-kind tokens that cannot be duplicated or swapped with another NFT of the same value.The quick response is that the solution isn't particularly safe. It's no secret that threat actors are driven opportunists who would try to steal any object, physical or digital, that has value; and while NFTs are still in their infancy from a commercial standpoint, their quick rise in popularity has opened up a brand-new route for hackers. This isn't simply a hypothetical problem; it's something that's currently happening.

  • Why should I buy an NFT?

    Artists have long suffered at the hands of publishers, producers, and auction houses that usher them into contracts that don’t serve their interests. The primary problems are that: Many contracts require creators to give up the rights to their intellectual property (IP). As a result, they don’t have a say in how their work is adapted or where and when it is displayed. Many artists only receive a pittance for their work, and they miss out on profits that are made when their work is subsequently sold on secondary markets. As a result, a lion’s share of the wealth goes to the multinational corporations they sign with. NFTs have the potential to usher in more equitable models by bypassing the gatekeepers that currently control creative industries. With NFTs, artists can mint their creations on a blockchain and sell their work independently. This allows them to retain their IP and creative control. Additionally, thanks to mechanisms built into the blockchain, artists can earn royalties (which they can set themselves) from all secondary sales of their work. So when you buy an NFT even on secondary markets, you are generally ultimately supporting the creator.

  • What are the benefits of buying an NFT?

    If you wish to learn the pros and cons of buying an NFT, we recommend you read this page thoroughly.

  • What's the difference between a Malhaar Regular Ticket and NFT Ticket?

    Like a regular Ticket, an NFT Ticket also serves as your entry pass to the Malhaar Global Virtual Short Film Festival and grants you all the content of Malhaar Film festival Season 2. But the difference between Malhaar Regular Ticket and NFT Ticket is that the NFT Ticket holds long term utilities versus traditional tickets that lose their value once the festival is over. Benefits of Regular Tickets : 1) Access to Shortlisted Films 2) Access to Panel Discussions during festival 3) Access to Masterclasses during festival 4) Access to QnA sessions (if any) with Featured Filmmakers during festival 5) Exclusive Invites on Discord 6) Celebrity Talks (if any) during festival Benefits of NFT Tickets : 1) Access to Shortlisted Films 2) Access to Panel Discussions during festival 3) Access to Masterclasses during festival 4) Access to QnA sessions (if any) with Featured Filmmakers during festival 5) Access to Cultural performances during festival 6) Exclusive Invites on Discord 7) Chance to receive a Lottery NFT (a golden chance to get an NFT connoisseur’s originally owned NFT, free of cost) 8) Pre-Reserved seating for Malhaar Season 3 9) Discount on purchase of soon-to-be released Match My [Talent] NFT tokens 10) Celebrity Talks (if any) during festival

  • Are there any long-term benefits of buying an NFT of Malhaar?

    Yes. These are the long-term benefits of owning a Malhaar NFT : 1) Chance to receive a Lottery NFT (a golden chance to get an NFT connoisseur’s originally owned NFT, free of cost) 2) Pre-Reserved seating for Malhaar Season 3 3) Discount on purchase of soon-to-be released Match My [Talent] NFT tokens

  • Do I have to buy an NFT Ticket if I have submitted a film for Malhaar?

    If you have submitted a film at Malhaar, you don't have to buy an NFT Ticket. We have allotted an NFT Ticket to all submitters already. You just have to claim your NFT Ticket. To claim your NFT Ticket, fill this form If you don't want to fill the form, Click here to join us on Discord. Once you get in, send us a message saying “I am a submitter at Malhaar, my name is _________, my submitted film’s name is _______ and I want to claim my free NFT Ticket.” We’ll connect with you.


  • What is the format of Malhaar

    Date of Malhaar Film Festival : 19th August - 28th August, 2022 (click to know the schedule) Venue : Virtual Film Festival (only remote participation possible, click on to join) Themes : This year, the dominant themes on which selections were based were: 1) MIGRATION 2) EDUCATION 3) PASSION 4) MENTAL HEALTH 5) GENDER Format : Malhaar this year is going to be characterised by 2 mega-events in its format : 1) Theme based screenings of shortlisted films 2) A 360-Hour Filmmaking Project (Pre-festival event) For aspiring Filmmakers and/or film students but not limited to, this year we also had the 360-Hour Film Making Project. True to its unique name, this event was designed to challenge creators to create a short film within 360 hours and submit it for the main festival. The film that they submit should incorporate some keywords, (that were provided by the festival committee) in various measures. Malhaar Film Festival 2nd Edition will be lined with masterclasses, forums, QnA sessions with featured and non-featured filmmakers and celebrities. To understand the format better, we would advise you to click here and navigate the entire website.

  • I keep seeing something LOCAL and GLOBAL on Malhaar’s social media pages? What is it all about?

    Earlier, we were going to conduct Malhaar Film Festival in two phases. Malhaar LOCAL (which was scheduled in July 2022) and Malhaar GLOBAL (which was scheduled in August 2022). But now that format has been adjusted and changed into a singular phase, i.e., from August 19th - 28th, 2022.

  • What is the aim of Malhaar?

    In a nutshell: bringing about a resolute shake-up of our creative industry. Malhaar Global Virtual Short Film Festival is a young yet rapidly-evolving enterprise, comprising of those independent creators and filmmakers from all around the world, who have established their own little community through sheer talent. We are currently a community of about 800 creators and filmmakers. Through this endeavour, we are trying to provide the limelight to all the major upcoming filmmakers as well as small-budget, independent filmmakers.

  • What differentiates Malhaar from other film festivals?

    Film Festival borne by the CoVid pandemic In 2020, when the first-ever Malhaar Film Fest was held, it was just a social experiment, designed to capture people’s collective creative expressions of life in lockdown during the CoVid-19 pandemic. Evidently, the theme back then was the lockdown, which included all themes that could be wrapped into the discourse of lockdown- like social isolation, mental stress, migration during the pandemic, etc. The 360-Hour Challenge One of the most exciting aspects of Malhaar Season 2 has been the conceptualization of the 360-Hour Filmmaking Challenge. Within the 360-Hour Challenge, participants were asked to create a short film of no more than 12 minutes, within 360 Hours. Sounds easy enough right? Well, not quite. Participants were required to incorporate certain keywords in their film that were given by the team at Malhaar. These keywords could be used in any measure, whether as dialogue, or as themes, topics, or props. Theme-based Season 2 of Malhaar Film Festival Film Festivals usually do not follow a thematic pattern while accepting submissions. In the first edition of Malhaar Film Festival, we received a mountain’s worth of films from submitters across the world, mostly because we accepted films not only from filmmakers but non-filmmakers and/or aspiring filmmakers as well. Since the featured theme was synchronous to the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, and lockdown as a theme is quite broad, we discovered that almost every film was, if going by the set parameters of lockdown-based themes, eligible for consideration. Even though we were thrilled to have received such enormous amounts of submissions and participation, for a small team like ours, it gets quite difficult to properly assess each of these movies. Also since the genres and subjects and themes are so vastly different from each other, it gets quite difficult to compare them on a unified scale of comparison. Global through Local Malhaar, in just a couple of years, has become that efficiently inclusive film festival format that has the bandwidth to look towards international productions, as well as include the deeply regional content that deserves to be highlighted. In fact, the Malhaar Short film Festival has designed its format in such a way that enables both Indian regional as well as International features to co-exist together, without competing with each other. Adopting Blockchain for a Better Future: Malhaar Short Film Festival is one of the few non-government and non-financial ventures that are embracing the power of the Blockchain. As a Cinema appreciation fraternity focused on the upliftment of small-time, independent filmmakers (specifically in regional subsections of the film industry), and being a fully virtual event, Malhaar Film Festival takes it upon itself to lead the revolution of blockchain in the Indian Creative Industry. Integration beyond Malhaar, throughout Match My [Talent] Yes, Match My [Talent] is en route to adopting this groundbreaking technology, not just for Malhaar, but to enable support to the entirety of operations at Match My [Talent], to ensure our artists get the best deal available!

  • Which countries do filmmakers of Malhaar belong to?

    In 2022, we have received film submissions (total 1000+) in Indian regional languages like Malayalam, Assamese, Marathi, Bengali, Hindi, English, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Gujarati, Oriya, Punjabi and Urdu from independent filmmakers of these regions. Not just in India, we have received film submissions from filmmakers in Poland, Bangladesh, Uruguay, United States, France, Turkey, Ukraine, Tunisia, Nigeria, Argentina, Hungary, Bhutan, Netherlands, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Africa, South Korea, Greece, Lithuania, Mexico, Germany, Colombia, Brazil, Italy, Israel, Chile, Russia, Peru, Iran, Bolivia, Luxembourg, Egypt, Paraguay, Denmark, United Kingdom, Cuba, Paraguay, Venezuela, Belgium, China, Uganda and Spain.

  • How are Malhaar and Match My [Talent] related?

    Match My [Talent] is the parent organization of the Malhaar Film Festival. Malhaar is just one of the initiatives started by this organization to support and uplift the Performing Artists’ community.


  • When was the first Malhaar Film Festival held?

    The first Malhaar Film Festival was held in August 2020, when the CoVid lockdown had begun.

  • What led to the conception of the Malhaar Film Festival?

    Malhaar 2020 brought in the works of both established and amateur filmmakers, depicting their emotions, experiences, interpretations and imaginations of life during & beyond the global lockdown. The intent to do so was to build a collective consciousness of an unusual time that everyone in the world had lived through, in a similar manner, at the same time. Intent was to connect with strangers through their stories and either find ourselves in it or become aware of an aspect of the pandemic that we weren't or aren't aware of, because, this tragedy was so big that none of us came out of it untouched. Malhaar Global Virtual Video Festival 2020, in its first edition, started out to bring forth people’s life experiences of the worldwide lockdown caused due to the pandemic. Malhaar sought to create a stage for all the experiences captured during this time, be it a feature film made by a veteran filmmaker, or home-made short video created by a non-filmmaker, simply on a smartphone. This edition was a tribute to people from all walks of life, who were experiencing the impact of the pandemic in their own ways, each one being unique from the other, yet, very similar at the core. An effort to bring the documentation of common people to filmmakers, who stitched together countless human emotions into one amazing tapestry for us to observe and reflect upon.



  • Why profile page is required?

    Your Malhaar profile is an important step in creating a personal connect between your film and its fanbase, which will ultimately convert into greater and direct financial support for you and your art. But more importantly, if you do not create your profile, patrons will not be able to watch your film on the Malhaar Streaming Channel, and you lose your chances of winning at the final rounds of Malhaar. So please, please, please…complete your individual profile on Malhaar.

  • Is it not possible for others to contact me without profile page?

    No. If your profile is empty on the Malhaar official streaming channel, people might be able to watch your film but not view any information about you. Consequently, they won't be able to contact you either.


  • I do not want to share my wallet ID. Am I still eligible for an NFT Ticket?

    No. To receive an NFT Ticket, we need your wallet address to airdrop it into the wallet. Just like if you need to send money to someone’s bank account, you at least need their bank account number right? Do not worry, your metamask wallet address is not a confidential detail, just like a bank account number. Noone can steal anything from your account if they only have your bank account number. They’ll need confidential details too, like user name, password, card details, CVV and OTP. Similarly giving your wallet address doesn't mean anything. The only confidential detail of your metamask wallet that you should never share with other people is your Secret Phrase. Your Secret Phrase is highly sensitive information.



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