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DOC LAB  is Poland’s largest program for documentary filmmakers, focused on supporting creative documentary filmmaking.
DOC LAB POLAND  is a comprehensive program for the development of film projects, supported by workshops, one-on-one consultations and panel discussions, aimed at providing co-production deals for projects participating in the program, or supporting their promotion and distribution. The program consists of two parallel verticals:
  • DOC LAB START – the early phase of development of documentary film projects (pre-production, set design, costume design, casting, development)
  • DOC LAB GO – Consultations on the first drafts of the documentaries

They also aim to enhance the artistic value of the selected projects, while increasing their festival and distribution potential. The long-term objective of DOC LAB program is to promote documentary films amongst viewers in local cinemas and generate interest for Polish cinema amongst foreign audiences...Read More

Raaj Rahhi, World Cinema Partners

Raaj Rahhi   is a New York-based visionary producer, director, and distribution consultant. With over 25 years of experience in television, cinema, and advertising in the entertainment world. Raaj Rahhi is a well-known international creative production professional.

Raaj has collaborated with studios such as Sony Pictures, Lions Gate, Time Warner-Pictures House, HBO, Fox Searchlight, Magnolia Pictures, Multivision Plus, Jackie Chan Productions, Zee Television Network, Star US Network, Bollywood Star Productions, and several others, as a filmmaker and consultant.

He has collaborated with Hollywood films such as King's Speech, The Passion of the Christ, Snakes on a Plane, The Nordic Sound, The Elevator, and Metropark, theatrically and digitally released. Also, he successfully introduced many international, Bollywood, and regional language films in theatrical and digital formats in the United States of America and Canada....Read More

Nine Rasa OTT Service

Nine Rasa,   an OTT and content platform exclusively designed for theatre and performing arts, has also partnered up with the Malhaar Film Festival this year. Nine Rasa is a distinctive, new OTT platform that features all the content that is showcased on stage, such as skits, stand-up comedy, poetry, music, chats, dance and full-length plays.As per the agreements of partnership, the shortlisted content of Malhaar Film Festival shall be streamed on Nine Rasa in a bid to encourage the young filmmakers to create impactful content.

Samuh Bhutan OTT Service

Samuh Bhutan,   Bhutan’s first and only OTT streaming and content service, has also taken a huge collaborative step in this regard. Operating primarily in Bhutan, Samuh hopes to integrate itself with the global video content industry and put Bhutanese cinema and content, which has mostly been far down the list so far, on the forefront.

Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains is a San Francisco-based company that connects Web2 to Web3 through the use of blockchain domains. Using an Unstoppable Domain allows you to create a blockchain-connected web address similar to a URL — such as Samplename.crypto or Samplename. Unstoppable Domains are creating NFT domains that put consumers back in control of their data.

Unstoppable domain of a user serves as their cryptocurrency address, their login to the decentralized web, and their universal username.

As an official Partner of Malhaar, Unstoppable Domains are going to award a free starter credit balance to winners of Malhaar, to help them claim their own NFT Unstoppable domain.

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